Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I Hate

There's a new dating app that links people up based on their dislikes! This idea is so refreshing because frankly, super positive overly nice people seem insincere and, dare I say, annoying! Here's my list (so far) of dislikes. Note: This is a list specific to me so it excludes all the obvi like violence towards human and non-human animals, Trump, poverty, inequality, misogyny, bigotry, antisemitism, racism, ex boyfriends, etc.

I don't like:

rasins (especially when cooked)
all types of melons
desserts with apples
home made preserves
cooked peppers
unground spices
a dirty fridge/microwave
dirty dishes
garage sales
WINTER (I'm actually allergic to cold)
documentaries about nutrition (eat more micronutrients duhhhhhh)
documentaries about global warming (we're polluting the planet duhhhhhhh)
conspiracy theories (the world isn't flat so shut up!!!!!)

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